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Northwest Indiana's Trusted Custom Home Builder

When it comes to building your dream home, we understand the importance of making sure that not only does the home truly come together, but the process to complete it goes as smooth and stress free as possible. That is a main focus for Thomas Scott Designs and why we have been one of Northwest Indiana's most successful custom builders in the last decade.

When a family is ready to take the step into finally making the move towards building a custom home, we make sure that each step of the process is completed in a way to make sure no details are missed, the quality is nothing short of the best, and the service we offer is unbeatable.


We help turn dreams into a reality

Whether you want a living room with tall ceilings along with stone wall integrated, or a kitchen with cabinets that could fit an entire commercial operation in them, we will do our best to make sure we listen to your wants and needs to help bring them life in a home you can truly enjoy. When it comes to building a custom home, it is an investment in not only quality of life, but peace of mind knowing it is what you truly want.

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